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Music Video #1 Featuring Dr. Christian Hageseth:

Christian Hageseth is a man of hope. When doctors told him he had a degenerative disease and there was little he could do to stop the disease from taking over, Hageseth had different plans.

Six years later, this 76-year-old retired psychiatrist and author is doing better than the day he was diagnosed and is an inspiration to many others, not just with Parkinson’s disease but to all who have experienced tremendous suffering.

Hageseth developed a precise routine of sweating out his Parkinson’s disease through yoga and intense exercise.

“But before exercise, it’s attitude,” he said.

Hageseth is a prime example as our Project's first subject who models the belief that our inner world is the primary reflection of our outer world, and ultimately creates our reality. 


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  • Music Video #1: So Low So High

    Featuring Dr. Christian Hageseth